I Stand For Her

I want her to grow up in a world with no limits. A world that she can accomplish anything, and never be told “no” or be limited by her gender. I want her to stand alongside anyone and be counted as an equal, and never be viewed as less than. 

She deserves to walk freely in this world and not fear that someone may violate her, subjugate her, or belittle her. She should never be viewed as an object or an achievement. She is a person, and she will always be capable of making her own decisions. She can choose her path in life and what she will do with her body, mind, and heart. No one should ever be able to make those decisions for her. 

I love her with my heart and soul, but I will let her fly with her own wings. I will disagree with her choices and argue with her, but her life and her path is her own. I will guide her as a parent, and hope that I lead her down a fruitful path. 

If you don’t understand why I write this, and why I choose to say this now, then you don’t understand the events that are happening in the world around us. I hope that you realize that the future generations are at stake, and I want the future for my daughter to be one where she can be defined by her actions and achievements, not by her gender. 

I want the fact that she is a female to not even matter. I want her to be an amazing human, and never have to worry about the the troubles that face women around the world today. She deserves to live in a world where humans treat each other as equals. 

I want that for my little girl. I want her to know I didn’t stand to the side while her chance for an equal future was debated and fought for. 

Agree with me or not, this is what I stand for. I stand for her.

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