Last night, Josh Davis of Davis Publishing Company announced the placing of the three final stories for the 2016 Summer Short Story Contest. My story, The Blazing Star, finished third. I’ll admit I was a teensy bit  disappointed with not finishing higher, but my elation at being included in the finalists took away the sting. It will now be published, which means I can claim the title of published fiction writer! When I think about how my story came to fruition, I’m really proud of what it accomplished, and I am elated about what it become in the future.


When I submitted Blazing Star, I knew it was unfinished. I felt that there was so much more I wanted to include in the story itself, as well as expand upon before and after. I was limited with my initial creation by time and word count, and while I really liked what I had created, I felt like I was missing the mark. I approached Josh about the possibility of expanding on the story, and we discussed launching it as a separate work that would be an introduction to the world I had created for my debut full-length novel. With the publication of my original work now happening in the DPC Quarterly Fiction Anthology, Vol1: Summer 2016 (available soon), I would be able to improve and expand upon it to make it the story I really wanted it to be.

This, of course, all comes courtesy of the fact that I’ve had an amazing writing year. I started this year with an idea and no plan. As of today, October 1, I have a published short story, a short story trilogy in progress, and a full-length novel in the works. I have an amazing self-publishing company working with me in DPC and I’m constantly learning from the ample knowledge and experience from the awesome people I am lucky to have in my writing circle. Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention the never ending support and encouragement from my wife, family, and friends. Without them, I might have let my dream of being a writer fade away.

So, check out the Anthology and support a growing self-publishing company in DPC. Go check out my work, as well as the excellent work of the winner Jessica Lyn Sosnoski. Keep on the look out for future announcements from me on my work!

Blazing Star Trilogy in-depth preview coming soon!

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