Hurricane Madelyn

I have a 3 year old daughter named Madelyn. She normally looks something like this: Don’t get me wrong, she is lots of fun when she is being playful and in a good mood, but my little “threenager” is a violent outburst waiting to happen… and I love her to death. When Maddie came in […]

Guest Writers Wanted

I haven’t been using my blog as much as I’ve wanted to lately. As a writer, I’ve gone through cycles of productivity, and this has been a lengthy down period. During this time I’ve considered the idea of having guest writers on my blog, and I think it’s time to broach the subject on here. […]

NFL Free Agency Lies and Greed

I have some thoughts on my mind in relation to the start of free agency in the NFL yesterday. Any athlete of any sport who changes teams for more money and then says they loved playing for their old team but they had to “take care of their family” is full of shit. You are […]