Get Your Priorities Straight America Pt. 1

Disclaimer: This post contains topics that may offend those with tender sensibilities. This is just fair warning. I am not responsible for hurt feelings, crying, or anything of that nature. I’m aiming to get people worked up and possibly pissed off. Continue if you dare.


Let’s talk priorities folks. This country seems to have a significant lack of any clue about what should or shouldn’t be our main concerns. I’m not talking about the government, because it is in my best interest to have no opinion on the state of affairs of our current government since I am a service member. (I will get to the upstanding individuals who are running for president in a later post.) I am talking about the general population of the United States as a whole, who apparently lacks any sense when it comes to knowing what should be at the top of the To Do list. As to not make this a massively long post, I am going to break this up in to several entries. I have much to say on this subject, and I will invite any guest authors, if they wish to pitch in their two cents. I am willing to publish any posts by a guest author who presents either a rational addition or opposition to this series.

Episode I: Morality

First, we will address the topics that have people up in arms for no reason at all. Seriously, if you have a problem with any of these, you should just keep it to yourself. You being a jackass about it doesn’t do any good. Some people believe they exist on some moral high ground that makes them capable of judging others. You are not better, so stop it. Ignorance isn’t an excuse anymore so don’t even try. So here we go with some of the moral issues that so frequently make me wonder what the hell is wrong with society these days.

Breastfeeding in public: I am starting of with this one for a number of reasons, but the main one is that a kid has to eat. I’m not going to go hide in a booth somewhere every time I want to eat, so why should we force women to hide when they have to feed their kid? If she is comfortable enough to pop her boob out in public, then she is probably comfortable enough to cuss you out for that dirty look you are giving her for nourishing her child. Of all the things she could be doing, sustaining the life force of her offspring shouldn’t bear the brunt of your condescension. In addition, if you have a problem with a woman discreetly having her breast out to feed her child, but aren’t going to bitch about how women are generally objectified, you are a fucking hypocrite. Leave the lady in peace, and mind your own business.

Gay marriage: I know that there are the homophobes and religious types who are against this, but this country was founded with two principles that I would be remiss to not point out. The first of these is the freedom of religion, as a part of the First Amendment. This allows people to freely practice any religion they wish, or abstain from practicing one at all. What does this mean exactly? It means your religious opinion doesn’t matter. It’s yours, not theirs. As George Carlin said, “Keep thy religion to thy self”. This brings us to the second principle, which is the separation of Church and State. I know the lines on this are blurred and hotly debated, but the truth of the matter is that the church has no place in the governing of a country supposedly founded on religious freedom. So, with both points in mind, there are no reasons why gay marriage shouldn’t be allowed by the federal or state governments based on these guidelines. If you think the institution of marriage is sullied by the fact that two men or two women can get married, but not by the fact that you can get married by Elvis or in a drive thru, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE. On a related topic, I think same sex couples should be able to adopt too.

There are so many more issues that are like the two listed above. I ask that if anyone has any inputs on subjects, please let me know. I will either add them, or I will post anything you write.


The last section below is a little bit different. This is something that pisses me off. The sheer stupidity of the following section aggravates me to no end.

Reality TV: What is wrong with humanity? Are we so morally bankrupt that we have to waste our lives watching spoiled, vapid, soulless people waste their lives doing pointless things and making ridiculous amounts of money for doing it? Do you understand how much money the Kardashians make? I simply cannot wrap my mind around the craze of follow the empty lives of these people and perpetuating the cycle of feeding their greed, while our educators and innovators starve and try to exist on next to nothing. The people we should be paying attention to are not these fake manufactured creatures. They aren’t even humans anymore. Their whole lives are scripted for TV and for the “entertainment” of sheep. How fucked up do you have to be as a person to have your mother not only involved in the making of your “personal sex tape”, but then she makes you go back and do it over because it wasn’t good enough? These are the people we idolize? Then the father…. oh where do I begin… first off, good for her. (I’m not sure I can say her, honestly. She says she identifies as a woman, but she is still technically a man. He still has the man parts… whatever… not my battle to fight.) I will admit that it takes courage to make that kind of decision, but I do not, and I repeat DO NOT think it merits being awarded the Courage Award at the ESPYs. I think there were far more deserving people than Caitlyn Jenner, but clearly that is my opinion. It’s a media circus, and while some of the intentions on her part are good, they are still self-serving. The whole reality TV trend is disturbing, and it is reaching a level of moral depravity because of society’s obsession with fame. It goes to show that my previous section’s points on our moral “standing” aren’t really that firm. Let’s say hello to our old friend hypocrisy.


So, to wrap up this first edition of my look into the messed up priorities of America, I want to leave you with a few last thoughts. I think that most Americans are generally good people. I don’t think they are morally devoid, soulless hell beasts that are going to destroy the world. This is an overall look at how I perceive America’s general priorities. I also want to help those in my life who I feel are being treated disrespectfully because of their decisions or lifestyle. This is just my take. I am open to replies, additions, and differing viewpoints. I will gladly post these on my blog, but I do reserve the right to refrain from doing so if I feel it is inappropriate. I hope this post has made you think a little bit, and I hope the rest of this series does as well. Thanks for reading.



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