Hello dear reader. If you have stumbled upon this page, there will be more to come soon. I will write about everything under the sun. I am an eclectic sort, so you may see a rant about football followed by a nerdgasm about Star Wars. My life has been full of all sorts of oddments and eccentricities so I would love to share some of those thoughts with you. I give you fair warning: my language can be acerbic and foul at times. I understand if this offends some people, and that’s fine. I write what I want to write on my blog, and if you don’t like it, please don’t read. For those with tougher sensibilities, I welcome positive feedback and open conversation. I rather look forward to it, actually!

I have been too long from the blogsphere, thus I make my return with my new home here at Town’s End Tribune. I hope you will come around often to check out what I have to offer. I promise I will try and update the site as regularly as possible. Thanks for stopping in. More content will be coming soon!


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